Pastoral care

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​​​​​​​​​Pastoral Care​​

Breaking down barriers Unleashing Potential
  1. I was having great difficulty with my daughter as she started to become more and more rebellious towards me. I found this to be very stressful and my daughter began to display angry behaviour at school. She was getting into trouble and fighting and most days I was getting phone calls about my daughter’s behaviour. I felt so deflated as a mother when I was called into school to be told that my daughter was at risk of getting permanently excluded. The school tried lots of different avenues, but my daughter’s behaviour just kept getting worse. A friend told me about CHARIS Pastoral Care, so I contacted them as a last ditch attempt at preventing my daughter from being excluded. In the first meeting with the mentor, which included me and my daughter, I felt at ease. The mentor was very caring and understanding. She said that she would be working with us and the school to reach the best outcome. Since having support from CHARIS my daughter’s behaviour has improved at school and at home. She is more confident, more caring and we now have a good mother and daughter relationship. My daughter now has the confidence to take part in other activities out of school, which is something she would never do before. Since working with the mentor I have not received one negative phone call from the school. This more than anything showed me that the programme worked. It has not only improved my daughter’s life, but mine as well. I have my daughter back”.
    S.R - Parent
  2. Testimonials
    “My son had a brain hemorrhage and our mentor has been imperative and central to my son’s recovery. Our mentor demonstrated extensive experience in caring for a child with an acquired brain injury. She understood the limitations i.e. chronic fatigue, cognitive development and social interaction. She showed an understanding of effects an ABI has on a teenager, the recovery process and that affects the mental and emotional well-being. She has provided expert and excellent 1-1 care and physiotherapy as directed by the local physiotherapy team”.
    S.E - Parent
“My son has a diagnosis of autism. He can be very shy and is weary of new people, but he opened up to his mentor, which is something I didn’t expect. He became more able to express his thoughts and feelings confidently and interacts well with other children and adults”.

E.W - Parent